4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Shaving Brush
4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Shaving Brush
4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Shaving Brush
4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Shaving Brush
4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Shaving Brush
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4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Shaving Brush

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4pcs Anbbas Pure Badger Shaving Brush Stainless Steel Shaving Stand and 2 Layers Shaving Bowl and Goat Milk Shaving Soap Kit

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Perfect for who like traditional wet shaving, great gift idea for your father, husband, boyfriend or for any wet shavers looking for a fabulous combination.13300097a_313300097a_413300097a_513300097a_613300097a_7

TECHNOLOGY: Handcrafted production,every brush hair needs to go through 25 working procedures, absolute pure badger hair, with a wonderful shape, no shedding,and no terrible smell. Designed with natural solid Manchurian ash wood handle.
 Badger hair(fuzzy part) is silky, soft and firm, has water absorbing and heat retention capability, works well with all shaving soap, foams, gels or creams, perfect for thick, glossy lathering, easy to clean, and fairly quick to dry.
TIPS: It is recommend you thoroughly rinse the shaving brush, shake and hang it to dry. The longevity of a quality badger hair shaving brush is directly related to the care and respect it is given.
Simple, fast, fashionable shaving, make your life exquisite from face! Lifetime Quality Guarantee! (through the company not the seller)
Shaving Mug Innner Diameter:approx. 82mm/3.2 inch 
Brush Size(Hair/Handle): approx. 5/5cm-1.97/1.97 inch 
Brush Diameter of Handle Knot/Bottom:approx. 2.7/3.5cm-1.1/1.38 inch
Package Includes: 
1 x Badger Shaving Brush
1 x Shaving Holder 
1 x Shaving Cup
1 x Shaving Soap
1 x Package Box 
How to shave: 
1.Soak the shaving brush by warm water 
2.Hot compress your face to moisturize, and soften the root of beard 3.Use shaving brush circling painting much foam of shaving soap/foam on your beard 
4.Shaving your beard according to the texture firstly,then reverse direction,from sparse to dense part,so that the dense part would soften more longer 
5.Wash your face,cleanse the shaving brush by warm water and dry it on the shaving holder naturally to ensure longevity 
Instructions for use: 
1. Wash the brush well with warm water after use. 
2. Never keep the brush wet for long. 
3. Do not use strong disinfectants or detergents - water is sufficient.

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